Soft and Squishy!

Hello my fellow Royals!

So I been knitting…. well of course I have. I finally have another finished item. It took me a while to actually finish this eeeasssyyy item (which is a slouch beanie). The reason you ask??? I kept taking it out and reknitting and taking it out. I even got to the amount of slouch I wanted and noticed it was way to big for anyone (and I mean ANYONES) head. So of course I had to take it out again. Glad to say I finally got it right and now working on a second one. Since I had no one available to model it… I did it…. lol it was fun and had to laugh at myself!!! Out of all the pictures I snapped, this is the only one I feel comfortable for everyone to laugh with me. I can be silly at times. Now available in my shop!! More colors coming soon…IMG_0880

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Hard at work.

Hello my fellow Royals!

So finally here in Orlando FL we’re starting to feel a bit of cool weather…. wow November and it finally got to 63 degrees which it will go back up to the 80s… gratefully its not the 90s. I am so excited because now I could actually wear some knitted items and not feel like I’m baking. As well as my little ones get to be bundled up….hopefully. Am I the only one that feels like it’s not the holiday season until it gets cooler outside?????

Well since its been someone BAKING outside and not fall weather at all here…. what better else to do but knit knit knit??? So I have finished some projects including some more large washcloths. The most recent thing is fingerless gloves that for the first time I “winged” the pattern and did my own little thing.

IMG_0865 Made them available in my shop as soon as they was done. Was so proud that I actually finished a pair and didn’t feel the need to do one glove then switch to another project then finish the other. One thing fellow knitters and crocheters can definitely say is it is very much rewarding to get something off of your needles! Now I have to keep knitting… just keep knitting knitting knitting… Have to make some beanies in adult size available… and really REALLY start my holiday knitting gifts list. Figured what better way to say I love you than giving out handmade items 🙂

Hope all is well in life for everyone and in the knitting/crocheting/crafting world!

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Knit everything!

Hello my fellow Royals!

How is everyone doing these days? I’m so sleepy! Went to a 4 year old birthday party today and I now can barely see straight lol… They was everywhere!!! I took knitting with me thinking I’ll sit and knit…. Can you guess what I did? I promise I tried…. it didn’t happen. Every time I sat down something happened for me to have to stand up and …..yeah…. so now I’m home and blank…. I feel like knitting everything….and don’t have anything……uughhhh but I do have something that was already made that needs to be added to my shop….I actually have a few things. I have made some more washcloths that are white and more that are multicolor purple…. those will be added within the up coming weeks. I also have to add more fingerless gloves for adults and children… as well as adult beanies…..sooo much is going on and time is going so fast. Is it just me or didn’t this year just start??

I hope all is well for everyone. I will definitely work on getting some pictures up to have you view my wips (work in progress) and fos (finished objects)!!

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A little gift

baby shower gift made... beanie and shoes to match! ;)

baby shower gift made… beanie and shoes to match! 😉

Hello out there my fellow Royals!

While still knitting and trying to get things done… I was able to make a little gift for a little one. I cant get enough of knitting for little ones. Its always so fast and looks so sweet. I have so many things that was made for little ones… well only because I started my obsession with babies while pregnant. My husband and I decided that we will have a “push surprise”.. so in the mist of waiting until our due date I knitted and crocheted like crazy. Secretly wishing for a son, I knitted all kind of things in all kinds of colors. Now that I have another little girl…. I have all these things that  she can not wear. Well I guess she can. I already have a lot of clothes and such for her since I saved all of my first daughter clothes…. smart huh. Even so I cant help but make more things and keep spoiling my babies. I want to make a sweater for both of them… just got to breath and do it…. start simple!

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Starting Again.


Hello my fellow Royals!

So I have started a blog….. Then found that I was not managing my time as well as I wanted to and put it to the side. Now I am back again….. Trying to start a business and take care of a family can be challenging. You really have to put in the time EVERYWHERE not giving one thing more time than the other. I have a difficult time with that part because when my children need me… they need me. I have done more projects that I have listed in my shop… which the inventory is slowly growing…… wow I almost started to ramble…. well I guess that doesn’t matter because well if anything it is my rambling session….. Especially since it will be on the terms of what I am up to in my knitting obsession.

My newest projects are dishcloths. I have three different sizes (which kind of was not planned). I will try to post some pictures of them.

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