Knit everything!

Hello my fellow Royals!

How is everyone doing these days? I’m so sleepy! Went to a 4 year old birthday party today and I now can barely see straight lol… They was everywhere!!! I took knitting with me thinking I’ll sit and knit…. Can you guess what I did? I promise I tried…. it didn’t happen. Every time I sat down something happened for me to have to stand up and …..yeah…. so now I’m home and blank…. I feel like knitting everything….and don’t have anything……uughhhh but I do have something that was already made that needs to be added to my shop….I actually have a few things. I have made some more washcloths that are white and more that are multicolor purple…. those will be added within the up coming weeks. I also have to add more fingerless gloves for adults and children… as well as adult beanies…..sooo much is going on and time is going so fast. Is it just me or didn’t this year just start??

I hope all is well for everyone. I will definitely work on getting some pictures up to have you view my wips (work in progress) and fos (finished objects)!!

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