Hard at work.

Hello my fellow Royals!

So finally here in Orlando FL we’re starting to feel a bit of cool weather…. wow November and it finally got to 63 degrees which it will go back up to the 80s… gratefully its not the 90s. I am so excited because now I could actually wear some knitted items and not feel like I’m baking. As well as my little ones get to be bundled up….hopefully. Am I the only one that feels like it’s not the holiday season until it gets cooler outside?????

Well since its been someone BAKING outside and not fall weather at all here…. what better else to do but knit knit knit??? So I have finished some projects including some more large washcloths. The most recent thing is fingerless gloves that for the first time I “winged” the pattern and did my own little thing.

IMG_0865 Made them available in my shop as soon as they was done. Was so proud that I actually finished a pair and didn’t feel the need to do one glove then switch to another project then finish the other. One thing fellow knitters and crocheters can definitely say is it is very much rewarding to get something off of your needles! Now I have to keep knitting… just keep knitting knitting knitting… Have to make some beanies in adult size available… and really REALLY start my holiday knitting gifts list. Figured what better way to say I love you than giving out handmade items 🙂

Hope all is well in life for everyone and in the knitting/crocheting/crafting world!

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