Better late than never.

IMG_1023 Hello my fellow Royals!

So I am behind on a lot of my projects….. A lot… but there is a upside to things! I did get things done 😉 so all was not a lost. I knitted up this very so squishy goodness of a hat out of some acrylic yarn, and soon will have added to my shop. It’s been a minute since I added anything on my shop as well as shared what is upcoming, but I promise you they are coming. I’ll just add (as may would know) this is what happens when you try to do more than one thing all at once. I am also still working on sock for my husband that I really need to finish before he thinks I forgot all about him and his first pair of hand knitted sock….. I can’t let that happen! IMG_0929The crazy thing is when I finish this sock I still have the other to do…AHHHHH!!! I also started another pair for him, and I want some (got to knit for yourself now and again), and also for our little ones. I’ll be busy on that end… I should space them out so I could actually get that done… it’s not going to happen but I could say it will. WOW ok with that!

Back to shop updates… I will have another very very soon with more  items available for purchase in a variety of colors.

Been blessed with a great holiday filled with loved ones. How about yours?

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Sock Blankets

Hello my fellow Royals!


As many out there I love watching YouTube. Not just anything on there, but people knitting….talking about knitting…. Podcasts!

I don’t even know where to go from there….but just podcasts… lol. I normally watch while I’m knitting and get excited to try whatever they’re doing. I normally don’t get around to it, BUT I did notice the amount of scrap yarns I have building up. AND I became interested in sock blankets and their little squares or diamonds (how ever you view them). I don’t have that much sock yarn, but I have an enormous amount of worsted weight acrylic yarn bits. So  I started making mitered squares, and connected them…. and I can’t stop!IMG_0899 I now have four squares. I placed all other knitting on hold because I just can’t stop. This project will grow fast. I find this as a mindless knit and enjoyable to watch grow.

Do you have a new obsession?

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A day of not knitting


eye pillows

The eye pillows!! Made pillowcases for each!

Well that is not entirely true. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a day where I do not knit at all…. sounds like torture!


Hello my fellow Royals! Days are going very fast and soon Christmas would be here. The idea of having gifts done that are knitted are coming to a close… I started so many an haven’t finished then add another… terrible huh! So I started thinking and watching all kinds of videos and came up with an idea of giving things of course handmade by yours truly using my sewing machine. I made a couple of eye pillows and a neck pillow… so far. Proud to say once I started those I ACTUALLY finished them. I think my loved ones will truly appreciate them especially since the eye pillows are filled with flax seeds and have a “thrive blend” aromatherapy drops for a relaxing calming effect. What I love about using flax seeds is that if you warm these for like 10 to 15 seconds in the microwave they will hold the heat…. BOOM use as a heating pad. My loving hubby placed one on his face and said he loved the weight as well as it was soothing… which got me thinking…. this maybe a new section in my shop…. in the up coming months unless requested before hand. So I guess if I’m not able to get my knitting done without adding more to do, why not sew.

All that matters is that we are crafty… right? How’s your holiday shopping and gifting going?

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Feeling Creative

Hello Royals!!

So I am in the mood to create….. Yeah what’s new. I have been working on a pair of my first socks for my hubby using Paton Kroys Sock yarn and a from them as well which doesn’t any type of heel definition. I figured that’s an easy task especially since these are my first pair of socks.

So while working on these socks I started feeling like I need to make something that is quick and easy to add the shop. Soooooo guess what I seen these cute little shoes for babies that I just had to make… which of course I’m going to make a pair for my 9 month old.

My next projects is the same socks and a hat to finish for my oldest daughter. I am also working on some more of these cute little booties in more colors so stay tune for that!!!

Exciting News for the Miles of Royalty family:

Oh I forgot to mention the last time I posted my daughter started walking at the age of 8 months (at the time)… now she’s 9 months by one day and getting into everything.

Anything exciting for you recently? Hope all is well! Stay creating and if you feel like you are not creative… it’s in you deep within all you have to do is try!

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Oh so we knit… ALL!

Hello my fellow Royals!

I have been busy trying to knit new items to add to the shop as well as things for the family. My new thing… If it last… Is one thing for family one thing for the shop. If I keep that up every other item is for the hubby or my little princesses. THE ONLY THING IS I find myself trying to knit them all. I started a hat for my daughter THEN I received new dpns in the mail a be cast on my first pair of socks ever. Now I can’t put down the socks. Where is the new item for the shop you ask? Good question. But…. Bbbuuutttt… Yes there is a but… I did finish a hat (beanie) that is Christmas theme (red and white) just need to take photos and add it to the shop and of course share it so you can see. Furthermore don’t ask about my handmade Christmas gifts…. I haven’t even attempted to tackle!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their past holiday with family friends or even by yourself. I sure did… Cooked…knitted…slept… The best! Oh did I mention my youngest started walking!!!!! She’s walking at eight months isn’t that the greatest little gift!

What did you do for your holiday?

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