I got my package!!!

Hello fellow Royals!

So of course like a crazy little girl on Christmas I went crazy when I received my package. As beautifully as it is online…. seeing it in person was breath taking….IMG_1155.JPG

Ahh a box….what could it be?? Well of course I know what it is…

Absolutely…. amazing. I plan to knit socks for my husband. I have to say the way the dye took to the yarn…the squishiness and softness….her magic wand she used… or whatever else used that made this lovely skein. Just receiving this made it that much harder for me to stay within budget and say no more purchases. She has so many more that are sitting there wanting to come home with me…that WILL come home with me. If you are a knitter/crocheter… whom loves and lives for a nice quality of hand dyed yarn (or know someone that does…like me!) stop to this shop on Etsy and see what she has to offer… WIPyarns …Plus I received my order faster than the tracking stated (actually received it on Saturday 6/11, but couldn’t bring myself to be so happy with so much tragedy… this is me getting back into the swing of things )….still think she was waving a magic wand. I love to promote and purchase from small business because I feel like they put their heart and soul into what they do and would only want the best out there. I don’t know this Etsy shop owner personally…but just reading her “about me story” and the meaning of her shop name just makes me feel like I totally understand her…. My most favorite thing of my purchase is she wrote me a hand  written note. I am/was truly touched.

Once I start the project with this yarn I will definitely share my thoughts. So far I’m extremely happy!

I hope you all are having a good day! Positivity….yarn love…for everyone!!!!! lol… Have you made a purchase that had you completely satisfied? I would love to hear about it!



Tears and Prayers

Speechless… Here in Orlando FL there has been a horrible event that took place this weekend that pasted. With this small post (which probably not make a dent) my thoughts and prayers are with all the friends and family members that have been affected. This is an event no one wants to happen nor see coming…

Thoughts and prayers are out there while all of  this is unraveled and brought to light. Prayers for everyone that is fighting for their lives.

Beanies in progress

Hello fellow Royals!

It’s Monday! Yay…. Some one had to say it. I haven’t one person to be excited for a Monday especially if it’s a workday. Since it is so I figured I’ll share some beanies that I am working on… one is for the shop and the other is already claimed for an unborn baby boy. Beanies are one of my favorite things to knit… I am in a desperate need to revamp my shop so you’ll be seeing more beanies being shared… well more items in general. Most of the items are taken before they hit the shop. I came to the conclusion… make two at a time so then I’ll always have atleast one available. IMG_1145IMG_1147IMG_1148

Next up will be colorful beanies… Who doesn’t love color?

Hope you had a smooth Monday morning… Well Monday so far as a whole. Let’s get it in and be productive!

Overdue Blanket

Hello my fellow Royals!

The weekend has came to an end….and now Monday approaches us. Are we ready for a new week? Have  you sat down and written out everything. Scheduled. Dinner plan for the week? Well I have NOT. I would have loved to but instead I used time to play caught up on overdue things. My husband…oh my loving hubby… has been wanting a knitting blanket for years now… would you believe it if I said I started it over two may three years ago…from bulky yarn to worsted… I have definitely started it… just cant seem to finish… When I begun the very very first time I figured if I use big bulky yarn it’ll be finish faster… then for some crazy reason the colors I was using was no longer available and it began to look very tacky. So I figured lets switch to worsted weight..and lets crochet instead… I made it a long way and fell out of love with it. NOW!!! I am again knitting it..still with worsted…and came to the conclusion…. ready for it???? WHATEVS


Still nowhere near done for my six foot husband… but I refuse to let this win.. I hope by winter he can snuggle with it… This is one project that makes me feel like the little engine that could!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and it was productive in some way!


Child Leggins

Hello my fellow Royals!

It’s the weekend! Yay…so I planned to knit knit knit…but realized I made a promise to attend a birthday party… a two-year old birthday party. So of course I attended with the girls..and my knitting. Which I’m sure you could imagine, I did not knit a thing. One item I am working on that didn’t make the trip with me was some leggings for my daughter.

Why do I have so my projects? I just see something and said to myself… GOT TO MAKE… all I know is once these are done it will be one of the most worn… Hope the weekend is being enjoyable for you as well….Nothing beats family time!!!

Orders To Complete

Hello my fellow Royals!

How’s everyone been? Me well…ehhh.. I’m officially apart of the sock craze. I’m mad I tell ya! It’s become my new “love to knit” item. I don’t know if it’s the yarn or because they’re socks. My husband has a pair and another nearly down. Then I have a pair that I plan on starting for my 7 year old…and I can’t forget about the youngest. With their feet growing what’s the best way….tube or give heels? I don’t know and really doesn’t matter to me because I get to knit them either way.


Some socks I’ve been working on for a client. The yarn is very soft and comfortable against the skin….and I am also working on….


my husband second pair…just have to finish up the toe and will be ready to wear! These are 100% wool….Heard doesn’t wear well for socks??….Well guess we’ll find out now wouldn’t we!

What creative thing have you been working on? Scrapbook, upcoming events, knitting, crocheting, spinning????? What ever it is I hope it makes your heart happy!

Socks Love

Hello my fellow Royals!

How have everyone been? Already the six month of the year is that crazy?! I realized when getting all of my things together that is finished… I haven’t updated my entry about knitting my husband socks! I actually finished them a few days after my last post when I spoke of them… isn’t that crazy! My husband says that they’re his favorite which caused my to want to knit him more…and then I was spotted knitted at a dinner party which in return became an order for me. So now on top of knitting my husband socks I have an order to fill for socks… oh and let me not forget socks for my two girls.IMG_1129

Where have I been?

I oh so didn’t think time would fly and so many things would have taking place. First of all even though no a lot of changes have taken place within my shop…I promise you I am still devoted to it. Miles of Royalty is my little baby that I will keep alive. Secondary, I could no longer call myself a stay at home mother. My family and I have chosen to proceed with moving on to the next level and accomplish some well wanted things. Which in returns moves me to getting out there like everyone else and working for someone. With this occurring most of my time is spent away from my shop and creative mojo… I try to take as much of my shop work with me to my (as I like to call it) third job. I gave myself a challenge. I want to see if I can conquer what seems to be not possible (well to me right now). I want to put all in and don’t look back. I got to remember…and I will say this to my children and anyone else that would listen… to be successful you have to stay hungry and go get it. No one will hand it to you already made up and running the way you want. Well not the average person like me. In order to succeed I have to go get it. And that’s what I am going to do. I have to first start off my blogging more. Giving some insight what I am doing and where the business is going. Then I need to add everything to the shop that is ready.. and yes I have things that’s never been added and pictures are already taken…ashame… lastly (well not really) I have to keep it going. I WILL succeed and push thru what I may feel is a no can do obstacle.


Stay tunes I have things to come!! A lot of interesting things!