Organizing My Life

On Christmas eve I went to Michaels to get some yarn for boot cuffs a lovely person requested..and I ended up our purchasing more than just that… most of you could relate. This time it wasn’t for a yarn splurge, but for a way of organizing everything in general. I find myself trying to keep ahead of life itself especially since I’m expecting girl number three… I’m swapped with everything plus trying to expand my inventory in the shop… this is my new beauty (new and was on sale too!!! WIN WIN) found my planner peace…  I now have a place where everything can be kept business and family / personal. I told myself let’s start new before the new year… why wait?


A little baby blanket

I have just finished (yesterday actually) a multicolored baby blanket. I’m going to make a matching baby beanie and most likely an adult beanie to match…

Once those are done I’ll definitely share.. could you believe Christmas is so close we can smell it (lol). Hope everyone is prepared! 

Happy creating…. 

Go Cowboys!!!!

So I disappeared for a while, but it has not stopped me from creating. This is a adult size beanie knitted in grey and navy blue to celebrate the Cowboys. This is actually the second one I made. After completing an order my husband requested one… this is his. I will definitely be adding it to the shop made to order as well as posting more things…. I so missed being on here and sharing projects! Hope everyone holiday season is going smoothly!