M.o.R. ~Day 24~ Crochet Anyone?

Hello fellow Royals! Have you came across a craft that you enjoy, but stopped. I have said before crafts is thing. I taught myself how to crochet and for what ever reason stopped. Well I started again with this beautiful Caron cakes yarn. If you haven’t experienced the craziness of love for this yarn you should! This will be a baby blanket added to my shop once done! I hope you all found a craft you put down and picked it back up for the new year.

Oh if you are interested I found myself on YouTube to find this pattern… bobwilson123 crochet waves 8 point blanket. So easy to follow and very enjoyable! 


M.o.R. ~Day 20~ A Positive Note 

Hello my fellow Royals! Read this:

So many times I think “ugh this is the new normal no way it’ll change”. .. but honestly it’s me dwelling on the “now” and not paying attention to the future. It’s so hard to think positive especially when all around is nothing but stress, unhappiness, and negativity. This could put you in a downward spiral in your personal and business life. Grab ahold of yourself. Step back, breathe, and study the situation.  It may be hard BUT once you realize the situation is not as big as it feel, it will pass. I honestly love this quote. Found it on a stressful day and it truly stuck. I felt the need to share so if anyone needed a boost or a reminder that they’re awesome and it will get better with time. 
Enjoy your day my fellow Royals! Does this quote give you hope of some sort?

M.o.R ~Day #16~ Mid-Month Review

Hello fellow Royals!

How are you all doing? Staying productive I hope. With this year in full swing we can’t waste one day. So far this month I have started so many things and trying to spread out my time equally to grow my business as well to be productive. With our minds going a million miles per minute it can be hard to focus and buckle down on just one thing. This is the perfect time to gather yourself and get back on track!

Take a deep breath with me 😤…and let’s 👊🏽 production in its face!

What do you say? 

M.o.R. ~Day 15~ Creative Scrapbooking

Hello there fellow Royals! How’d everyone doing? Busy busy busy we! Right? This year, like all others, seem to just go without our permission lol. Just SLOW DOWN! I had a baby shower recently and was given this lovely box to create a memory box. Everything was Paris themed… Looking forward to create just have to make the time… Yeah that stuff that is leaving us!
Hope you all are creating and living life fully! 💝

M.o.R. ~Day 14~ Baby Cocoon Acorn Style 

Hey there my fellow Royals! Here’s an item that’s been finished for a while that never was added to the shop. It’s a baby cocoon that looks something like an acorn to me.. don’t you think? What’s stopping me you ask? Well I was thinking of adding flowers to it….??? Maybe… maybe not. Or mayb make different color leaves to have as an add on with purchase… something to look into! 

 This is just one of my many projects I finished and haven’t added to the shop…. terrible huh?Let’s not keep ourselves from achieving goals set in life or business! I’ll take the blame because no one else to blame. Am I alone? Have you found yourself with somewhat of an issue with holding yourself back?

M.o.R. ~Day 13~ Beanie in Progress

Hello my fellow Royals! I am slowly finishing things, but sadly haven’t added any of them to the shop. Guess that means a large update would need to happen… which will be an all day event. Yay slow uploads and stuff! But I’ll definitely get it done. Here’s another item I uncovered that was started and not finished. A very nice lace weight beanie made with acrylic and nylon… Once done this will be added to the shop as well…

Am I alone with restarting to finish unfinished business?

Hope all is well with everyone!

M.o.R. ~Day 12~ Podcasts

Hello fellow Royals! How’s it going? I hope very inspirational somehow. I’m doing very well. Still trying to prove myself… to myself. I love to watch knitting podcasts to see what everyone else is up to. It’s like inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. Of course by watching them I end up adding more to my WIP lists so then I started to watch anything that shows someone creative side. I even found myself watching craft room walk thrus. Watching these videos keeps me focused on spending that hour (or so) listening, laughing and creating. I find myself stopping or not starting when I don’t have a video going. I tell myself I could start in a few or let me finish this or start that before I sit down. I just wasn’t giving the time required of my shop. THEN I get into the groove to not to stop… boy I tell ya the struggle!

Am I alone on this?

M.o.R. ~Day 11~ Purchase Review 

Confession time!

Hello my fellow Royals! Sooo.. like anyone I know, we each have a weakness. It could be as small as eating fresh donuts to adding to an already large collection of makeup. I (well I’m sure you could guess) have a thing for yarn. Especially when there’s a sale. I can’t help but view emails from Michaels. I just had to indulge! I already started knitting things up with some but YAAAAYY so exciting. These needles are so smooth. Easily gripped and doesn’t come apart. The best needle purchase made! Thank you 60% off coupon!!

Have you indulged lately?

M.o.R. ~Day 10~ Work in Progress 

Hey there my fellow Royals! I’ve been working so hard at staying busy. There are multiple things on the needles, but not everything gets the attention each deserve. I’m sure I’m not the only one with the same issue. The worst part is I add more that I have started and didn’t even finish the others. I tell myself I’ll finish it in order from oldest to newest… yeah right! Here’s something from my pile that is so easy to finish but have not. Why you ask? GOOD QUESTION! 

A simple beanie… nothing special…and it’s not done… smh all because I added more stuff to make!

I know I’m not alone when it comes to this…right??

M.o.R. ~Day 9~ Expanding M.o.R

Hello my fellow Royals! Have you ever felt like you can do so much more and settling? This kind of leads back to stepping out on faith. I told myself maybe I should only stick with one thing and be perfect in that. Well I’ve been knitting and crocheting for a while and the only thing I could get better at is sharing in my shop and on the blog. So now it’s time to stop being scared. Stop holding myself back and just do. I don’t have a planned date for this, but definitely starting NOW with taking action. This is our year fellow Royals!