M.o.R. ~Day#211~A bit of planning and a lot of woosah

Hello my fellow Royals! How is this beautiful day going for you? Is it a productive one or just a day? So far today I feel like its been productive, but not business wise. I’ve been to the store, broke my bottle of coffee, completed dinner, started laundry, and yelled a couple times… Bbooyyyy where is the handbook for this? I finally had time to type this up quickly and plot what’s the next move for productivity for my shop. Goodness before I know it I’ll be sleep unwillingly 😂. I still have so much cleaning to do, but told myself let’s continue to multitask. Let’s grab a glass and the business planner and walk around clean and think… Which I begun doing until it was nap time for the 5 month old. No turn down over here… Finally snoring on my shoulder… I’m going to put her down slowly and run around like I lost my mind and do as much as possible.. Oh and the others you ask… Watching a movie and eating… For now😩… I hope you all are having a full day of…. Something

Oh and this….this is mommies snack 😜

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