~M.o.R.~ Day 16 Blogmas. Tired…Just tired

Hello my fellow Royals!

So I am tired. I spent the day with few knitting time, but a lot of cleaning, throwing away, and running after kids. What can I say, living the mommy life. I have so many projects that I want to finish before Christmas gets here. Then I have another set of projects that I want to get done before 2018 meets us.

Now Christmas shopping… Have you finished? Have you even started?? Well I haven’t! Crazy  am I? I don’t know, but this year we’re planning to be different. Like everyone else, we usually overspend on all of these things that is definitely not needed at that time. I’m so grateful to have children that doesn’t give heartache on not having things right away. For the most part they are understanding and I hope and pray they remain that way as they grow. It took me all these years to finally see that…WAIT why am I spending so much on ONE (1) DAY???? With a list of reasoning (so I don’t feel crazy) I noted that we actually purchase things for ourselves and children throughout the year just because. No reasoning no nothing…just because gifts throughout the year. So all in all we are going to make purchases BUT it will be a significant change. No need to have 9,999,9876,332 gifts under the tree and hardly any space to put them…LOL.

To sum it all up… I’m sleepy..I’m tired… I’m so done with today…

Hope this day was productive or relaxing for you!!


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