~M.o.R.~ Happy New Years!

Hello my fellow Royals!

Its another year that has came and gone. Last year was.. A year… To say the least. I’m so looking forward to 2018 and all it glory. I will challenge myself and will accomplish what I didn’t last year and the goals I have given myself this year. I told myself no one else has to believe… Just me. I hope you all are well and bring in 2018 with high hopes and belief in one self. Enjoy the year, enjoy family.. Just because its January 1st 2018 doesn’t mean it has to be today everything is accomplished!

As I start on my pile of unfinidhed …half finished… Why isn’t it finished items… I tell you thid .. If you wasn’t told already… YOU ARE AWESOME THE WAY YOU ARE!

Stay blessed😘


~M.o.R.~ Day 16 Blogmas. Tired…Just tired

Hello my fellow Royals!

So I am tired. I spent the day with few knitting time, but a lot of cleaning, throwing away, and running after kids. What can I say, living the mommy life. I have so many projects that I want to finish before Christmas gets here. Then I have another set of projects that I want to get done before 2018 meets us.

Now Christmas shopping… Have you finished? Have you even started?? Well I haven’t! Crazy  am I? I don’t know, but this year we’re planning to be different. Like everyone else, we usually overspend on all of these things that is definitely not needed at that time. I’m so grateful to have children that doesn’t give heartache on not having things right away. For the most part they are understanding and I hope and pray they remain that way as they grow. It took me all these years to finally see that…WAIT why am I spending so much on ONE (1) DAY???? With a list of reasoning (so I don’t feel crazy) I noted that we actually purchase things for ourselves and children throughout the year just because. No reasoning no nothing…just because gifts throughout the year. So all in all we are going to make purchases BUT it will be a significant change. No need to have 9,999,9876,332 gifts under the tree and hardly any space to put them…LOL.

To sum it all up… I’m sleepy..I’m tired… I’m so done with today…

Hope this day was productive or relaxing for you!!

~M.o.R.~ Day 15 Blogmas: Scrappy Blanket?

Hello my fellow Royals!

So time and time again I tell myself I want a scrappy blanket. This is probably try number four…maybe… Taking my scraps and attempting to start a blanket. I knitted and now attempting crochet. Believe it or not, but I plan the take out and knit it again😭.. Maybe I’ll give up this last time if no go. I just want something simple that takes no brain power. For some reason or another I think may be over thinking it. Ugh😧. Yeah this may be my last attempt… Maybe its just not for me.

What you think?

If you are a knitter or crocheter…Have you any luck with the scrappy blanket?

~M.o.R.~Day 8 Playing Games

Hello my fellow Royals!

It’s the 8th of December!!! Wwhhhaatttttt😮.. A week gone and Christmas gets closer. The New Year is approaching… Time is a ticking. Crazy! BUT sometimes we need to slllow down and take a break from all the adulting we do. My oldest and I spent some much needed chilled family time with a few rounds of the board game “Sorry”.

This day was a more steady, don’t lose it kind of a day. Have you marked a day for relaxation or fun time? Everyone should have at least one.

As I did knit some, nothing new has been finished and off the needles or better yet placed on the needles. I really hope you all are enjoying the coldness and if one of them the snow…


Until tomorrow!

~M.o.R.~Blogmas Day 6 Early Gift To Me

Hello my fellow Royals!!!

How was the day? I hope awesome as awesome can be! As you can tell I’m a little extra right now. During the after Thanksgiving sales and craziness, I made a purchased with knitcrate. Amazingly when I went to just browse there was an coupon that I couldn’t say no to. Now look what I have!!!! This is Novembers box and yes I’m thinking of keeping the subscription…We’ll see LOL.

Today was a day and all  the same. What made it worth while was getting these beauties!!20171206_152413-1796330539.jpg

SOOOO can’t wait to knit something with these.. just what??

Do you treat yourself to something for Christmas? Well just treat yourself at all?


~M.O.R~Day 4 Blogmas Yay Socks

Hello fellow Royals!

Today came and went. So busy with life in general and trying to be a successful smal business owner. With everything going and no time to say a really big WWWOOOOOSSAAHHHH, one good thing came out of it all. I finished the socks. NO I didn’t finish it over the weekend, BUT it is done. So puurrddyyyyyyyyy! Now will be shipped out to the rightful owner lol.

Here’s to getting things done and trying to stay afloat of the madness!! Did you accomplish something that needed to be? Hope so!

~M.o.R~ Blogmas Day 3. Two At A Time

Hello there my fellow Royals!!!!

What’s going on on this beautiful… Hot day (for me)? I’m taking the time and working on some other socks I started which I placed down to do other things. I figured I  may give these as a Christmas gift once I have finished them…. If I don’t keep them LOL. From all the socks that I have knitted, I have not knitted any for myself…. Come to think of it everything I started for myself I have not finished. What’s up with that???? I can’t even start to explain why that is. I’m going to try to spend more time today on things that has not been finish and have everything else on hold. Let see if i can get any of them off the needles.

Can’t gaurentee especially since mommy duties comes first and there is always something that needs to be done in the house…. Am I the only one that notices that? And once (if ever) you get all caught up you are too tired to even enjoy what you’ve been trying to do? Ugh mommylife i tell ya!

Hope you grabbed this day by its horns and owned it!!!!

~M.o.R.~ Blogmas Day 2 Oooh Topper??

Hello my fellow Royals!

Here is another day come and gone… What’s was accomplished you asked. Nothing much…lol. . those socks I mentioned uggghhhmmmm..well I started new projects. OK OK I know I should finish one thing and move to the next but I figured these socks are almost off the needles so what the who.. Why not? Furthermore I realized a Santa I have isn’t what I use it for. 😂 Poor Santa suppose to sit on top of a tree and I use it to decorate a side table. Oh well it looks good there.

I’m definitely going to attempt to finish some things lingering on my needles… This weekend….maybe 😜

How about you ready to finish everything to bring the New Year in with a clean slate?

~M.o.R.~ Blogmas Day 1 Christmas is coming!

Hello my fellow Royals! How’s the weather treating you all? Well here in Florida…entering the last month of 2017… IT’S HOT!!! What happened to winter? Where is the cold front when you need it? LOL oh well. I figured since it’s what is done around this time… I would jump on the band wagon and record these days leading to Christmas.

So i took the time, the day after Thanksgiving, and put up our Christmas tree with my three girls. Which I’m sure you can imagine was very interesting. With the oldest eight, the middle child two, and the youngest now tem months old… need I say more. All part of the joys of being a parent and feeling the warmth growing.

Today i took the time to go through all the yarn I have and try to talk myself out of purchasing annnnyyyyymore.. Can you guess how thats going? The plus side is i have been working on another pair of socks that will be gifted to my cousin. 20171204_185404-339301098.jpg

I have already finished the first and now this is the second one. As long as I don’t cast anything new on I should be finished this weekend.

How do you plan to spend your day? Any big plans for the last month of 2017?

M.o.R. ~Day 277~Make It All

Hello my fellow Royals!

How’s everything? Any crafting lately? For me a lot! For some reason I have been feeling it’s necessary to knit and crochet EVERYTHING in sight. How do you get out of a curse of such….

Well… You don’t… Well I guess I should say I don’t know how. I tell myself to not go to Ravelry because I will spot a new pattern. I even told myself to watch movies and not Knitting or crocheting podcasts. Nothing seems to slow down casting on something new. The newest item you ask ..some fingerless gloves that are moving along pretty quickly. I have so many other projects to share which I know I definitely been lacking on.. Ugh that definitely was not the plan. While I have had time to create, I didn’t … Well let me say it correctly … Life caught up and showed me whose boss. Now I’m trying to reclaim my time and take what’s mines as I feel anyone else should. Let’s vowed to:

1- stop relying on people who have showed they have no such reliability.

2- stop telling ourselves “I’ll do it tomorrow” and sit and watch tomorrow never come.

3- stop not having faith in oneself.

4- stop letting others who scared to step tell you went to. Be the first to mooovvveeeee

5- stop using excuses.

I have so many things slowly being added to my shop. I’m tired of not being 💯 with myself and what I know I am and who I could be. The reason for all my cast ons can be just that… I’m moving and not waiting on no one!

I hope you Royals are awesome and getting things done! Stay positive and focused😘.