~M.o.R.~Blogmas Day 6 Early Gift To Me

Hello my fellow Royals!!!

How was the day? I hope awesome as awesome can be! As you can tell I’m a little extra right now. During the after Thanksgiving sales and craziness, I made a purchased with knitcrate. Amazingly when I went to just browse there was an coupon that I couldn’t say no to. Now look what I have!!!! This is Novembers box and yes I’m thinking of keeping the subscription…We’ll see LOL.

Today was a day and all  the same. What made it worth while was getting these beauties!!20171206_152413-1796330539.jpg

SOOOO can’t wait to knit something with these.. just what??

Do you treat yourself to something for Christmas? Well just treat yourself at all?



Check out this Etsy item!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/555556161/boot-weather-fluffy-sock-base-100-grams

Hey my fellow Royals I just wanted to pop in to show some pppurrddyyy yarn I’m trying to talk myself out of! HELP! Say I don’t need it…😤😥. This is truly an addiction that I’m not going to kick😂. Nothing like window shopping I hope you all are having an productive evening!

Do follow me and be in awe at this wonderful find… I promise I won’t tell if you don’t🙈🙉🙊

M.o.R. ~Day #227~ From AllThisWood on Etsy:50 Product Tags – Handmade With …

Hello my fellow Royals!

Just wanted to come on and share what I have found and purchased! Really love what I got on @Etsy from AllThisWood. #etsystar http://etsy.me/2oBaN7N

I was on the hunt to add some needed tags to my creations…. as much as i have done it really didn’t ring the bell as “hey add tags”. I finally was going through on how to make a presence and look more established and realized dang it so simple yet looked over like nothing… so affordable and customer service was amazing I will definitely order again! Now on the quest to add to all of the finished items and actually get the posted to the shop for purchase😤😥

Have you made any changes to your usual self, business or another individual?

M.o.R ~ Day 106~ Yarn!

Hello everyone! My fellow Royals.  Hope you have been hard at work as I. Time just ticking and if you haven’t started making a change in your life or on a continuation of moving forward…Why? What’s stopping you? I’ve been working on so much which have not been posted for purchase and I promise it’s coming…. one thing that is definitely coming is more variety in the content of yarn and colors… here’s something that may be used let me know what you think…. oh and happy Easter! ! 

M.o.R. ~Day 100~Check out this Etsy item!

Hey there!! Fellow Royals….

Thought you’d like this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/490924252/hand-dyed-yarn-superwash-merino

I love small businesses. This one is great for the yarn lovers out there! Most likely will continue to do business with her. Such a talented individual. I have been looking for a spot where I can get yarn to venture out with new ideas and items to make available for purchase…. may have found it!
What have you been up to? Staying productive while the year fly by??

M.o.R. ~Day 85~ Miss Babs continues…

Hey fellow Royals! 

Just wanted to pop in really quick…. ok…. So I forgot to mention. With the Miss Babs order I also received a awesome smelling treat that I ordered. I would say if you can definitely get some for yourself! It smells sooooo good and leaves my hands very moisturized!

M.o.R. ~Day 84~WipsYarn

Hey there Royals! SO of course as you can see another purchase I made and received. This is actually my second purchase from this indie dyer. You can find her on Etsy as WipsYarn. Everything received is outstanding. This is the Valentine’s day collection. I know I know way past but I loved all the yarns and she had them in stock still so why not. All I can say is SOCKS! ! And I may actually make myself some as well…

Have you splurged lately?

M.o.R. ~Day 82~Miss Babs Order

Hey there fellow Royals! How’s your day going? My actually really good… especially since a yarn purchase came! You know how it feels to get something new…CHRISTMAS! ! just don’t know how to behave. I purchased from Miss Bans to knit something for myself. I always knit and crochet for others and nothing for myself. So my treat to self is this yummy yarn. This is in her Sojourn (cashmere blend) and will be knitted up in a patten I’ve been wanting for a while… 3 Color Cashmere Cowl by Jojo Locatelli

M.o.R. ~Day 81~ Purchase From HandsomeFibers on Etsy:Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics Plat…

Hey there! My fellow Royals…. So i have made some purchases recently including my favorite new needles… 

Really love what I got on @Etsy from HandsomeFibers. #etsystar http://etsy.me/2nFcqBc

These 5 in Cubic needles are so smooth. The yarn slides making knitting faster. I find its all due to the invention of the boxed like needle sides making it easy to knit or purl. I’m Sooo in love with them. As soon as they arrived I casted on socks for my oldest daughter…

..will be done in no time I’m sure. If you haven’t tried these out fellow knitters I’ll say IT’S A MUST!

M.o.R. ~Day 69~ New to Come

Good day my fellow Royals! How’s it going? 

Just wanted to stop in really fast. Stopped by the store for one thing and of course left with more than intentioned. Working hard at updates and making. Soon I’ll add to the shop all that is in the making. 
Have you ever went to the store for one thing and left with eight. Or even with one thing completely different from the intended purchase? 

M.o.R. ~Day 11~ Purchase Review 

Confession time!

Hello my fellow Royals! Sooo.. like anyone I know, we each have a weakness. It could be as small as eating fresh donuts to adding to an already large collection of makeup. I (well I’m sure you could guess) have a thing for yarn. Especially when there’s a sale. I can’t help but view emails from Michaels. I just had to indulge! I already started knitting things up with some but YAAAAYY so exciting. These needles are so smooth. Easily gripped and doesn’t come apart. The best needle purchase made! Thank you 60% off coupon!!

Have you indulged lately?

I got my package!!!

Hello fellow Royals!

So of course like a crazy little girl on Christmas I went crazy when I received my package. As beautifully as it is online…. seeing it in person was breath taking….IMG_1155.JPG

Ahh a box….what could it be?? Well of course I know what it is…

Absolutely…. amazing. I plan to knit socks for my husband. I have to say the way the dye took to the yarn…the squishiness and softness….her magic wand she used… or whatever else used that made this lovely skein. Just receiving this made it that much harder for me to stay within budget and say no more purchases. She has so many more that are sitting there wanting to come home with me…that WILL come home with me. If you are a knitter/crocheter… whom loves and lives for a nice quality of hand dyed yarn (or know someone that does…like me!) stop to this shop on Etsy and see what she has to offer… WIPyarns …Plus I received my order faster than the tracking stated (actually received it on Saturday 6/11, but couldn’t bring myself to be so happy with so much tragedy… this is me getting back into the swing of things )….still think she was waving a magic wand. I love to promote and purchase from small business because I feel like they put their heart and soul into what they do and would only want the best out there. I don’t know this Etsy shop owner personally…but just reading her “about me story” and the meaning of her shop name just makes me feel like I totally understand her…. My most favorite thing of my purchase is she wrote me a hand  written note. I am/was truly touched.

Once I start the project with this yarn I will definitely share my thoughts. So far I’m extremely happy!

I hope you all are having a good day! Positivity….yarn love…for everyone!!!!! lol… Have you made a purchase that had you completely satisfied? I would love to hear about it!


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